1.- USER

To register, click on the option Create an account on the Home page. You will be asked for your personal details as well as those related to your mooring. Please remember to carefully read the Regulations and the Privacy Policy. Should the mooring be a rental, you must indicate the name of the proprietor.

On the page where you modify your user profile, you may click on the option “Eliminate my account”. Should you accept this option, all your personal information will be deleted from our system. All that will remain is the trace of your old Nick where you have participated in a swap. At this moment in time, you shall recover the balance left from your deposit.

Once you have registered, you may, at any given time, modify any of the information contained in your “User Profile”. Only the Nick must remain unchanged as it is the main reference in the data base.


This is the user who, not having registered for the service, visits the website. This user will have limited access, and will be allowed to access the list of ports and the number of moorings BITA has at its disposal.

This is the user who has correctly registered and has activated his account, clicking on the link received in the confirmation email. This user may surf the website, making use of all its functions. This user may offer his mooring for swaps and consult all the data available of the different ports. This user is allowed to make as many swaps as he sees fit during a one year period. To do so, he will have paid the membership fee and made the deposit as stipulated in the Costs of Service of this Tutorial.


Swapping is the fundamental service offered by BITA and the reason for its existence. BITA informs its registered users of the availability of moorings for exchange in different ports, moorings which have previously been offered up by users of the community. It also administers the dates and schedules to ensure successful exchanges. To guaranty the smooth and reliable running of the system, the involvement and commitment of all the users is fundamental. Regardless of the fact that BITA offers resources, solutions and alternatives to facilitate this, the final responsibility of the exchange resides with the users envolved. It is also up to each user to check with their own port authorities the possibility of arranging these swaps before proceeding to offer their mooring.

Fundamentally, the system is very easy: the moment a user does not need his mooring for any reason (days aground, holidays, etc.) he can offer it up to the rest of BITA users so that they may use it themselves. Reciprocally, this same user may program a sailing trip by taking into account moorings offered by other users. In general, offered moorings will be reserved on the first come, first serve principle. Any time a reservation is made for a swap, the user’s own mooring automatically becomes available for other users.

2.1.1.- THE HOST
The BITA user that offers his mooring becomes a Host the moment another user reserves the said mooring, and looses this status when the offered period of exchange expires.

2.1.2.- THE GUEST
The BITA user that reserves another user’s mooring becomes a Guest the moment the reservation is confirmed, and looses this status when the exchange dates come to an end. Because BITA works on a reciprocal basis, a Guest user at one mooring may well be a Host for his own mooring reserved by another.


In this type of swap, a user who leaves his mooring offers it to other users, so that, during the period the user has marked, others may make use of it. The dates for a Free Swap are marked in green in the calendar.

In this type of exchange, one member offers the possibility of a mooring swap with a specific, second, member. This second member accepts that the first member use his mooring during the agreed upon dates. For this type of swap, a short semi-automatic dialogue is established: the first user proposes dates and schedules and waits for the second user to respond. When the response arrives (sent by the second user, who is interested in the dates and port offered), the first user may consult the information of this second user and accept or decline the proposal.


To select your port of destination for a swap, you must look for it on the map displayed. Click on the map and you will obtain information on all the available BITA moorings. You can modify the search by specifying dates or focusing on a specific area. (Map filters).

BITA also offers a complete List of Ports. Clicking on the name of any of the ports displays all the information relative to that port, as well as if the mooring is suitable for your ship.
Remember that the displayed information is given for guidance purposes only. For your own safety, you should consult official nautical maps or the port’s website.

Once you have chosen your port of destination, you will be able to see the complete listing of moorings available according to the length of your ship (please make sure your measurements are correct, and that they take into account the peculiarities of your ship). You can also check out the profiles of the users who offer the moorings. Each mooring will also mention if it is available for Free or Direct Swaps.

Depending on the type of swap you are interested in, and once you have consulted the offerings, make your reservation (for a Free Swap) or a petition (for a Direct Swap). In the first case, the reservation is automatic. For a Direct Swap, after placing your request (in which you might wish to propose a slight change in dates or include a comment), you must wait for confirmation from your future Host.

As we have already mentioned, the user who occupies another’s mooring is a Guest, and, as such, must comply to a number of duties:
1º Should the user not be able to carry out the swap, he must inform BITA as soon as possible (see Cancellations).
2º The user must respect the dates and arrival schedule agreed upon, allowing for a sensible margin so that the Host may vacate his mooring.
3º The user must contact port officials as soon as he arrives at his port of destination and inform them that he will be occupying the reserved mooring, so that he may receive all necessary access indications. BITA, authorized by the Host, will automatically email all pertinent mooring information as soon as the reservation for a swap is made.
4º The user must respect the dates and departure schedule agreed upon, allowing for a sensible margin so that the Host or another Guest may occupy the mooring.

In its cancellation service, BITA offers a host of possibilities to avoid misunderstandings between users. Notwithstanding, should a misunderstanding occur, it is the responsibility of the users themselves , and in no case will they be entitled to claim any type of compensation from BITA other than those specified in this manual and in Regulations.


This calendar allows you to control the status of your mooring, where you act as Host to other users. Dates on your calendar are color-coded. You can modify the colors/status according to the following:

By clicking on a date, and depending on its status, you can change the said status and establish a new one.

4.1.1.- GREEN
You agree to free your mooring during a given period of time, allowing its use by other members. This is known as “Free Swap”.

4.1.2.- AMBER
You offer the possibility of swapping your mooring for the given dates. You must wait for another user to propose a destination that may interest you. Once the offer is received, you may formalize the swap. This is known as “Direct Swap”.

4.1.3.- NEUTRAL
Your mooring is berthing your own ship and is not available for any swapping. Remember that even if you are not out sailing, your mooring might be made available to other users if you are not using it (for example, during the yearly grounding). For this service to be of real help to others, you should make an exhaustive use of the Free Swap status. If all users do so, there will be more available moorings for the whole community.

Through the calendar “My Mooring” you can also see who will occupy your mooring and when. They are your Guests.

4.2.1.- RED
This color code indicates that dates you had previously marked as “Green” have now been reserved by another user. By clicking on the date you can access this user’s public profile.

As we know, the user who offers his mooring acts as a Host to the user who reserves the mooring. Hosts must comply with the following duties:
1º Should you not be able to carry the swap, as a Host you must inform BITA as soon as possible (see Cancelling a Swap (as a Host).
2º Before your departure, inform port officials that your mooring will be occupied by a BITA user. BITA automatically sends an email to the Host containing all the pertinent Guest data the moment a swap is reserved.
3º Respect the date and departure Schedule agreed upon, so that the Guest may occupy the mooring without delay. In general, and unless otherwise specified, the time to leave your mooring free for the Guest is 12 o’clock noon on the date agreed upon.

In its cancellation service, BITA offers a host of possibilities to avoid misunderstandings between users. Notwithstanding, should a misunderstanding occur, it is the responsibility of the users themselves , and in no case will they be entitled to claim any type of compensation from BITA other than those specified in this manual and in Regulations.


As of the date marked in red (you have a Guest), you may cancel the availability of your mooring. But please take into account that this decision will affect, at the very least, this Guest, but that it might start a major chain of cancellations and modifications. Even though BITA’s automatic service will try to relocate all those affected to other available moorings, it might be necessary for certain users to occupy transient moorings offered at the port of destination, or even have to cancel their trip altogether. This information is given to you to make you realize the importance of a cancellation and that, even if a cancellation is possible, it is not desirable. Once you know that you must cancel a swap, please inform BITA as soon as possible, and should you cancel a trip, try, if possible, to do so when your own mooring remains unoccupied (Green status), as your cancellation will not affect other users. Another possibility we suggest is that, in place of a cancellation, you might look into relocating your ship in your own port, by either mooring it in a waiting or transient berth. Many port officials provide this as a free service to their usual users. You will find more information on this topic under Heading 6, Swap Cancellations.


This list allows you to control the status of your reservations, the swaps in which you are taking part as a Guest to other users. The status is color-coded and may be altered according to the following rules:


5.1.1.- GREY
All expired reservations are marked in grey. These are trips already completed and, logically, cannot be cancelled. But what you can do here is show your level of satisfaction, with both the Swap and your Host. ASSESSING USERS
By accessing the grey cells on your list, you may assess users who have acted as your Hosts, as well as their moorings. Using a point system, which is translated into “stars”, each user receives an assessment. This appraisal will be useful when formalizing new reservations. You must give a positive value to all aspects that contributed to the success of your trip (the atmosphere at the port, the Host’s reliability, the accuracy of the information offered, …), as well as all the areas to which the Host may need to pay more attention (the fulfillment of schedules, prior warning to port officials, etc.).

All reservations which have not yet transpired are shown in the color of their swap type. These are the trips you have planned and reserved. CANCELLING A SWAP (AS A GUEST)
You may cancel your reservation and, if your mooring has not itself been reserved during your planned absence, this will not affect other users. Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to inform BITA as soon as possible of this cancellation, so that other users may benefit from the available mooring. You will find more information on this topic under heading 6, Swap Cancellations.


Under this heading, and only as part of a Direct Swap, you may administer and consult the proposals you have received from other users in answer to your offer of Exchange. You may accept those which best suit you, and reject those which do not fit in with your navigation plans (dates or destination). Here, too, you will be able to see if your own proposals have been accepted.

We know that it is not always possible to comply with an agreement entered upon when formalizing a swap. Whether a situation has arisen that is beyond your control or that you have simply changed your plans, you may wish to cancel a reservation previously established. The automatic service BITA offers contemplates this possiblity, but given that a change in your plans may greatly affect those of other users, we ask you to please make use of this service with moderation, as well as using the site to inform BITA of your cancellation.

This is the cancellation made before 9 pm, two days before the beginning of the swap. For example, for a swap programmed for a Saturday, an ordinary cancellation will be in made before 9.00 pm on the Thursday prior. This margin was established by BITA as we believe this is the minimum time needed to successfully deal with any changes a cancellation might cause. Should you need to make a cancellation or alter a reservation, you should always try to do so through an ordinary cancellation. The cancellation procedure may be activated by going to the calendar page and clicking on “My Mooring” if you are acting as a Host, or by clicking on “My Swaps” if you are proceeding as a Guest. In both cases, should the cancellation affect third user, BITA will try to find the third user another close-by BITA mooring. The information of the whole process will be sent to the users via email, as well as being placed in the web’s internal message box. This is why it is very important that users, before setting out on any trip, consult the status of their calanders and messages received.

Any swap cancellation made after 9 pm two days before the programmed beginning of the swap shall be penalized, as the margin of time resulting would not be enough ensure other implicated users not being affected. The procedure is the same as described above (Ordinary cancellations), but in this case BITA will also send a phone text message to the Guest who is directly affected by the cancellation.

Should you need to make a penalized cancellation, your user profile will be devalued and your deposit will be debited by the amount described under the heading Deposits, to be found in this manual.

Swaps undergone through this web are free, but we must take into account that some ports may claim a small charge for services rendered (handling, security, WC, taxes, etc.). We invite you to share your experience by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we may keep our port profile up to date and share the latest version with our users.

You will need to pay an annual fee for the service and the administration of the swaps and make a deposit to cover charges derived from a possible misuse of the cancellation system.


To be able to participate as a Guest in a swap, you will need to have supplied the corresponding deposit in full. You may do so by clicking on the option “Make a deposit” in your user menu, present in the section “My movements”, under the tab “Deposit and membership fee”. Likewise, you may recover this deposit by clicking on “Demand refund”, found in the mentioned menu. You may only demand a refund when you are not participating in a swap. Refunds will not be paid until seven working days after the last swap, time needed to process any possible claims. Whether your deposit remained untouched, or should the deposit have been reduced through penalties, BITA will refund the remaining credit, minus a 3% of the remaining balance to cover administration costs.

Should a cancellation affect a Guest, BITA finances will refund the said Guest, charging the amount to the user who did not stand by his agreement, an amount never higher than that of two nights spent as a temporary transient according to the rates charged by the port, and up to the total amount of the deposit. To receive this refund, the affected party must send the following to BITA within 5 working days, countable from the end of the swap: 1) Invoice or Bill made out by the port, indicating dates and total amount and, in the case of a non-communicated occupied mooring, 2) a BITA FORM stamped by the port officials which specifies that the reserved mooring was occupied by its usual ship during the dates of your reservation. You must send these documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your demands will be assessed by BITA before making the payment.
BITA will perceive 10% of the amount of the deposit of the negligent user as charge for damages caused to the service.

Here you can see the deposits.

7.2.- FEES
Fees will depend on the dimension of the mooring you are offering, which is itself depends on the ship’s length, and the moorings you will be have access to for your swaps.

Here you can see the fees.


You may pay your fee and make your deposit through the use of Paypal, or using a major credit card. You may also wire the money to our account or make a cash deposit directly to our bank:

1491 0001 26 1008922526
IBAN / BIC ES8314910001261008922526/TRIOESMMXXX

Payment will be made in favor of BITA Mooring Swap, S.L. and you must send a copy of proof of deposit/transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating your name and if it is the membership fee or deposit.


When you accept a swap or you make a reservation you must pay the amount due for your membership fee. Once this payment is made you will be accredited as an active user, which will allow you to make as many swaps as your rate permits. As the date your subscription expires approaches, you will receive an email to remind you of this fact. You will need to renew your membership to continue swapping. Here you can see the fees.

Your deposit may be made at any given moment. But please be advised that if your balance is not sufficient, you will not be allowed to participate in swaps. If you offer your mooring without making a reservation yourself, you needn’t have made your deposit. Nevertheless, should a user use your available mooring and find himself affected by a misuse of the cancellations system on your part, you must make due the resulting costs as specified under the heading Deposits.


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