Before offering up your mooring…

Make sure you have informed your port authorities of your intention of participating in the BITA community.
In order for you to be able to make exchanges, your port must agree to accept your guests.

A few days before the swap...

Check your email or internal message box to confirm that your swap is still on track.

Respect the dates and times agreed on for each swap.

You made a commitment with your guests. If you cannot hold up your end, cancel your outing as soon as possible on BITA’s site.

Make sure your ship is in complete working order and that its documentation is up to date.

Check the weather report a few days before setting sail: this will allow you to foresee any possible alteration to your plans.

All aboard!

If possible, it is deemed advisable to have a computer or Smartphone with Internet access on board. This way you will be able to stay up to date on all information pertinent to your swaps and you will be able to make decisions should any incident occur.

Let port authorities know when you are leaving your mooring. Indicate your destination and the approximate time of arrival.

Contact the port authorities of your destination, letting them know your berthing intentions on your arrival.
Important information relative to the swap or reservation is included in your confirmation email. Print it before setting out.

Remember you must visit, with all the pertinent ship documents, the port offices of your destination on arrival.

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