What advantages do I have to a gain with BITA?
BITA allows you to offer your mooring so others may use it. Likewise, you may have access to the moorings of all our users and make swaps. You will sail more and your mooring will be reserved for you wherever you may go.

How do I register for the service?
You only need to fill out the registration form, completing it with your personal information and that of your mooring.

I have not received an email confirming the activation of my account.
Check your spam or junk box. Make sure the email address you sent is correct. If this does not solve the problem, contact us.

I have forgotten my password.
Contact us and we will send you a new one via email.

My port is not on the list.
We have tried to create a complete List of Ports, but it is always possible that we have left one out. Please get in touch with us and we will add your port to our list. Likewise, should you notice errors in the file for your port, please let us know. Your collaboration is essential!

My port does not allow swaps.
Check the Regulations for your ports or moorings. In the Regulations it should specify that it is not possible to cede the use of a mooring in a sporadic or temporal way. If this is not specified explicitly, you may point out to the port authorities that you are assuming the costs and responsibilities of your mooring and that, in any case, they should understand it beholds them to accommodate their users. You may also point out that the use of their facilities by visitors is a wonderful way of promoting their port installations. If they continue to make things difficult, register anyway. It will still be free of charge and we might find it easier to convince them. The more registered users BITA has, the greater our negotiating power.

I have a mooring but I do not have a boat.
Sign up anyway to our services. For a small fee you will be able to promote your mooring should you wish to sell or rent it. Just indicate this in the text box on the registration form for your mooring.

I have a number of moorings and/or boats.
You need to create a user’s account for each and operate the accounts accordingly.

What do you do with my information? What is BITA’s policy with respect to my data?
Your information will only be used for swapping purposes. It will definitely never be ceded to a third party and your personal data does not appear in your public profile. Only the User name and the information concerning your mooring will be made public.

How do I know my personal information is in safe hands?
Please consult our Privacy Policy and Legal Notice.

How do I unsubscribe from the service?
By accessing your registered user file, you may cancel your account. All personal details will be erased and the only trail left will be your User name and the swaps in which you have already taken part.

I have changed boat / I have changed mooring./ I have changed port…
How do I change my user profile?
By accessing your registered user file you will be able to modify your account. The only field you may not change is your User name. All swaps you might be involved in at the time will be automatically cancelled.

I am not a registered user. What may I do in your web?
You may navigate the web, consult our List of Ports and the moorings we have available. We encourage you to register: you will then be able to enjoy the complete BITA services and begin making swaps.

I am a registered user. What may I do on the web?
You may navigate the web, consult our List of Port and the moorings we have available. You may check out which moorings are compatible with your ship and make your mooring available to other BITA users. Should you have your own boat, we encourage you to establish your first swap.

What is an active registered user?
It is the registered user who has made his first swap. Once he has paid his membership fee, he is free to make as many swaps as his rate allows.

What is a BITA swap?
It is the sporadic, temporary, short term transfer of the use of moorings between two registered users of BITA. It is a non-profit, private agreement administered by this online service.

What is a BITA Host? And a BITA Guest?
The host is the user who lends out his mooring. The guest is he who occupies the said mooring. A BITA user is often both a Host and a Guest simultaneously.

May I swap my rental mooring?
Yes, provided you have the owner’s permission. It is your responsibility to inform the owner of your participation in the BITA project. We decline all responsibility should a user neglect to do so. You must give us the owner’s full name, as communications with the port might be made using the owner’s name.

What is the difference between an Direct Swap and a Free Swap?
In a Direct Swap, only two users are involved. There is an offer, demand and accepting procedure. In a Free Swap, any user may make use of an available mooring and the communication involved just informs the users of a formalized swap.

How do I go about finding a swap?
Ports with BITA moorings are high-lighted on the map shown on the web. Click on the port you fancy and you can choose among the moorings available for your ship. You can also access the list by defining an area to navigate and dates that interest you.

I cannot find available moorings with which to swap.
It might be that at the moment all moorings are occupied or that there is no available offer. Make your mooring available (through the use of Free Swap or Direct Swap) and in a few days a new chain of swaps will be created.

How do I reserve a swap?
On the list of available moorings suitable for your craft you may make a reservation if the mooring is available (green) or make a demand for a Direct Swap if the mooring is being offered (amber). In this second instance, you must wait for the Host to accept your demand.

How many swaps may I make?
Once you have paid the annual membership fee, you may make as many swaps as you see fit for a year as of the date of payment.

How far in advance may I reserve or demand a swap?
There is no limit as to how far in advance you may prepare a swap, but to keep engagements realistic and to avoid unwanted cancellations, we recommend you do not make your reservations more than one month in advance.

How can I know if my swap reservation is confirmed?
You will receive an email with all the information related to your reservation and a message will be placed in your user’s internal message box. Moreover, four days before the swap date you will receive a reminder email. You can always check this information on the “My Swaps” calendar.

Must I inform port authorities?
Yes. Generally, whenever you leave your mooring you must inform the authorities. Furthermore, if you are entertaining a guest, you must inform the authorities as it is they who will attend to your guest. Likewise, when you arrive at your port of destination, you must radio in your arrival and facilitate the information of your host’s mooring.

May I reserve a mooring in another country?
BITA’s network grows day to day and it has an international profile. There is no reason why you should not swap with ports of other countries that have accepted this type of contract.

What is the “My Mooring” calendar? What do the different colors mean?
It is the calendar made accessible to all registered users where you may visualize present and programmed activity. You may activate availability for different dates, check the profiles of the users that will become your guests and, if necessary, cancel any of these plans (remember to cancel with as much anticipation as possible). The colors show the attributes of the moorings: green, the mooring is available for Free Swap; amber, you offer your mooring up for Direct Swap; red, another user has reserved your mooring, which you had previously offered; and neutral, indicates that you intend no action for those dates.

What is the “My Swaps” calendar?
It is a table with swap information made accessible to all registered users, where you can visualize, by dates, those destinations already visited or those you intend on visiting. It also allows you to assess users who have acted as your hosts and, if necessary, allows you to cancel your upcoming reservations. Remember to cancel as far in advance as possible.

How may I assess a swap?
Go to “My Swaps” calendar. This must be done after the date of your swap.

May I cancel my reservation?
Yes. But please remember to do so as far in advance as possible. It is likely that another user is counting on your mooring for his own trip and it is only polite to give him enough time to reorganize his trip. Even though BITA does its best to offer alternatives, sometimes these do not exist.
A cancellation made less than 36 hours in advance will mean a penalty in your value as a user should it cause negative results for other users, as well as a penalty on your deposit.

May I cancel reservations made by other users?
Only the reservations made for your own mooring. But remember to do so as far in advance as possible. It is only polite to give your guest a reasonable length of time so that he may reorganize his trip. Even thought BITA does its best to offer alternatives, sometimes these do not exist.
A cancellation made less than 36 hours in advance, should it cause negative results for other users, will mean a penalty in your value as a user , as well as a penalty on your deposit.

What happens if the mooring I have reserved is not free?
This would mean that the person occupying the mooring has not complied with his obligation to modify his stay. Had he done so, you would have received an email informing you of the fact. If the notification came less than 36 hours before your arrival, you would have received a text message on your phone, with information and alternative moorings. You will need to fill out the form made available for just this situation and have the port authorities sign it as guarantee of the accuracy of the information given. Should you wish to occupy a guest berth, keep the corresponding Invoice or Bill and we will refund the money, debiting your host’s deposit.

What would happen if I could not leave on the day of a swap?
Modify, as soon as possible, your “My Mooring” calendar. If no one has reserved your spot, all you need do is change your status to “Neutral”. If this is not the case and you are expecting a guest, you may also cancel and BITA’s automatic service will search for alternative moorings for your guest. Carefully read the chapter Cancellations in our Tutorial.

What if I need to return to my mooring and it is occupied?
Modify your “My Mooring” calendar as soon as possible and BITA’s automatic service will look for alternative moorings for your guest. If no moorings were to be found and, taking into account that you would be returning to your home mooring, it would be easier for you to find an alternative berth, while giving your guest time to plan his departure. Carefully read the chapter Cancellations in our Tutorial.

How much does a swap cost?
Swaps are free among users. You only need to pay your membership fee to remain active in BITA. Some ports may demand a charge for services rendered (maintenance, WC, etc). Let us know about your experiences.

How much does the service cost?
Fees are indicated on the Costs page.

How do I pay? What credit cards do you accept?
You may pay using PayPal, credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD), or you may wire or make a deposit in BITA’s bank account.

May I access the site on my mobile phone?
As yet, we have not developed a specific application for mobile phones, but the site is accessible on any Smartphone.

I have not found the answer I was looking for.
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