1. Create a new account as BITA user.

    2. Confirm your subscription via email.

    3. Log in.

    4. Go to Swapping.


    Your registered personal data will not be displayed to other users.
    The mooring and boat information are necessary for the management of service.
    Only your username and your mooring information will be visible to registered users.
    BITA will not give your data to third parties (see Privacy Policy).

  • DIRECT SWAPBoto Video

    You choose when, where and with whom you wish to swap your mooring.

    1. Go to Swapping.

    2. Go to My berth.

    3. Select the dates.

    4. Create availability for Direct Exchange.

    5. Wait at My exchanges - Demands and confirm the offer which appeals to you most.


  • FREE SWAPBoto Video

    Offer your mooring when it is available and others will be able to use it.

    1. Go to Swapping.

    2. Go to My berth.

    3. Select the dates.

    4. Create availability for Free Exchange.



    1. Go to Swapping.

    2. Go to Find moorings.

    3. Book moorings in Free Swap or make Requests for Direct Swap.



    1. Go to Swapping.

    2. Go to My berth to override availability or My exchanges to cancel reservations.

    3. Make your cancellations as much in advance as possible, as they could be subject to penalties applied to your deposit.

    4. Frequently check your email and your internal message box, as you will receive notifications pertinent to your swaps.

    Carefully read our Terms of Use.

    You will find more detailed information on BITA Swaps in our Tutorial and FAQ's.

You can also get detailed information in our Tutorial.
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