BITA moorings

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  • Join us now

    And for every user2 friend who signs up indicating that comes from you users2,
    we will deposit 5% of your bond wink.
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  • Welcome to the first
    online Temporary Mooring Swap!
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  • The course followed by BITA is plotted by all our sailors

    We have all imagined, at some time or other, swapping our mooring with those of other sailors. But announcement boards are either never visited or have not offered real solutions for coming to an agreement on dates and services.

    Here at BITA we have turned this necessity into a service anyone may use.

    When you sail with BITA, you are able to swap, with no fuss, your mooring with those of other users, as well as to lend it out so that others may get to know your port.

    We offer you

    To get to know new ports, to share resources, to live new experiences, to create a community … To sail more!

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  • Join BITA!

    The more BITA moorings we have,

    the more destinations there will be to discover.

    Get on board and come sail with us!
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  • As of 4 €/night!

    BITA offers you a service with which you only stand to gain. Thanks to the flexibility of our Swap and Reservation system and to the engagement of our users, your BITA getaways will always be a success.

    To actively participate in our community, you will need to pay a membership fee and provide us with a refundable deposit.

    The first membership fee and deposit
    will not be due until
    the moment you make your first reservation.

    You can check our rates and find more detailed information at Deposits and fees

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